Friday, September 25, 2009

I'm leaving on a jet plane!

Me and mya that is. I booked a flight last night to go see mom and dad and jessica and the whole gang in alberta! We'll be going for a couple weeks at the start of november and i'm hoping she'll be a much better traveler than she was when we came back from england. Adam won't be able to make it because he has to work but we'll try to get out again next summer and he'll be able to come then...ah the joys of being a teacher and having the summers off! Now, I've got lots of planning to do!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mya update time!

People may be wondering about mya's six month stats (maybe they aren't but i'm gonna write about it anyway). Because her life started in england, and she already received her 3 sets of vaccinations, she didn't get the regular six month doctor visit for her shots. Therefore, she didn't get her typical weigh in or measurements. So, we took it upon ourselves to weigh her ghetto-style with a regular scale where one of us holds her and we get on the scale and then that person weighs themselves without her. It turns out she weighed an inaccurate 19lbs! Not long ago we measured her height ourselves as well and she was around 27 inches! We've been told by several people that she's really long for her age, which i guess explains why half her clothes are a 12mos size...! She's so big we had to change the straps of her car seat to the next size up the other day. The only other slot available is the one for forward facing babies and seeing as she can't go forward facing for another 6 mos, she better slow down in the growing department!

She's doing really well eating with a spoon now. Mealtimes are getting less and less messy which makes me a happy mommy. So far, she's had sweet potato, peas, rutabega, carrots (which she hates), banana, apple sauce, and prunes! (and of course cereal!) I guess i shouldn't be surprised that she's growing so fast. I've also given in and started letting her have some juice but only because she won't drink water and she wasn't getting enough fluids to match the solids she was eating. And because I'm not a fan of juice from a bottle, she's started using her very first sippy cup! yay! She's still learning how to use it though and needs a little help holding it in the right place but she'll be mastering that in no time.

Baby sign language has kind of taken a back seat. I hate to admit that i'm someone who likes instant gratification but i am and seeing as teaching your baby how to sign takes some time for them to learn the signs and be able to sign back, i've unfortunately become really slack with that.

She's still learning to sit up all by herself but she'll have that down before long. She can kind of sit up on her own now but not for long and we can't leave her cause she'll fall over and smoosh her face and then cry and we don't want that.

Mya has started sleeping through the night again! (sort of). She's a bit of a tease and gives us a chance to remember what sleeping all night was like and she'll even do it a couple nights in a row...just long enough for us to get our hopes up and then she dashes those hopes in one fell swoop. BUT I am still hopeful that it's slowly getting better!

We took Mya out on her first trail walk/walk through the woods over the weekend

and she really seemed to like it. She has a thing for trees, so I thought she might enjoy going for a walk through the woods. Eventually she got tired and settled in for a little snooze

We thought about leaving her there for a bit

but decided to take her with us so the bears didn't get her. We're nice like that.

Maybe we'll do more trailblazing this weekend? We'll see!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Bathing beauty

"Mom! Not when I'm naked!!"

Monday, September 14, 2009

Is it wrong...

...that i'm actually saddened by the death of patrick swayze? or just patrick as i call him, cause, y'know...we're on a first name basis. I knew he was sick with pancreatic cancer but i thought he was getting treatment! i thought he was in remission! Plus, he was starring in that new show...the beast or don't do that when you're really sick. i can't believe he's dead...i think i'll spend tomorrow watching dirty dancing and ghost and just revel in his hotness.

rest in peace patrick

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Too cute!

I found this and just had to share cause I thought it was hilarious...

Monday, September 7, 2009

My beautiful girl...


Thursday, September 3, 2009


we have internet again! and with only minimal swearing and calling the help line twice, i was able to get it connected. yay me!
we successfully moved all of our worldly goods to digby but we haven't fully unpacked yet. it would appear that we have to the untrained eye but if you were to peek behind any of the closed doors it would look like our closets have thrown up. maybe this weekend, when i have back up, i'll attempt getting mya's room in order...which is the hardest room by the way! she grows so fast that i'm sure she doesn't fit in the clothes she was wearing in halifax last month so that means i have to sort through everything i crammed into her bags and set aside the things she can't wear anymore and then make a frenchy's trip for all the things she needs now.

today was adam's first day of school and it's really exciting! compared to england, this set up is so much better. he gets his own classroom for starts! and the other pluses are that he doesn't have to stay at school until 5pm+ everyday, he doesn't have to go in at like 7:30am, he gets an actual lunch break and has the option of going to an actual staff room. craziness. can you believe the kids actually get the day off on friday for the wharf rat rally? what is up with that?

my baby has just woken up after he very long 45min nap so i should go get her. ta ta!