Thursday, February 28, 2013


I've been thinking a lot lately about turning thirty and how I feel about it. I think that, to me, it's a big deal partly because of how society makes a big deal out of it but also because I think going from one decade age to the next means leaving behind an old part of your life and starting a new one.

I remember turning 20 and having a hard time with it. To me it meant that I was officially a grown up. I was leaving behind my teen years and everything that went along with it: being carefree, sleeping till noon, spending your money on clothes, shoes and make up, feeling like you could be and do whatever you wanted, not being responsible for anyone else but you. Then I turned twenty and it suddenly felt like the world regarded me as this adult and I was expected to do adult things like vote, get a meaningful job, start figuring out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I was right to feel a little bummed.

But my twenties turned out awesome because it was during my twenties that I met my husband, got married, moved to another country, had two beautiful children and bought my first home. I'm just hoping that my thirties bring as much good stuff to the table as my twenties did while I still try to figure out who I am.

Is that normal? Not knowing who you are by the time you're thirty? I always thought that by thirty I would be finished. Finished growing up, finished growing as a person but I'm starting to realize that it doesn't always happen that way and that's fine with me. I like the idea of still learning new things to help shape me into the person I am meant to be. Having children helps with that. They teach you new things all the time and by the time they're grown and trying to figure their own selves out, they'll have children of their own and the process starts all over again. It's never ending. Life is grand, isn't it?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

So Big!

I'm so happy I can feed myself now! I'm so good at it that I hardly make a mess!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

10 on Tuesday

1. Egad February is almost over. Where the hell did it go?

2. Do you realize I'm turning 30 this year?! THIRTY! How the hell did that get here so fast?!

3. Tonight I'm going to the city to spend my gift cards I got for Christmas and Adam will be left home to try and do the entire nighttime routine by himself. God, I hope he survives.

4. When I was rocking the baby to sleep for his morning nap today, he was lying in just the most perfect way and he fit in my arms just right. It was then that I wished I could pause these moments.

5. I've been reading about these "grow gardens, not lawns" people and it seems intriguing. I don't have the time to keep our current gardens weeded and they're just small. How do these people maintain a garden the size of their lawn?

6. I've said before that I'm slack about calling people and keeping in touch and lately it had occurred to me that I hadn't called my mom in awhile. Then as I sat down to eat my lunch today, I was facebooking and saw this

I took it as a sign and called my mom.

7. Clearly, this didn't get posted yesterday.

8. We need to get off our asses and pick a swing set!

9. Mya will have a play date today because Ashton is coming over! She's pretty pumped about it.

10. Adam has a climbing competition this weekend. This means he'll be away Friday all day until after midnight (likely) and then again all day Saturday. This is not fun.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

This valentine's day I made a little card for Mya since she's old enough to understand what valentine's day is especially since they're having a little vday party at school.

She seemed impressed with it this morning. Goal accomplished. I read on facebook this morning that your valentines days as a single person will always be more romantic than any you spend as a married person and that could not be more true. Neither me nor Adam got a homemade valentine or treat. Instead we got 3 hours sleep last night because the baby had a fever and wouldn't settle until 3am. He still hasn't shaken it and the only good part about your kids being sick are the extra snuggles.

The finished valentines Mya took to school this morning

I'm glad we decided to toss in some homemade treats because when we got there, it turns out almost every single valentine she got had a goody attached to it! I don't remember it being like that when I was in school. Instead it was like a bonus if someone's mom happened to make cupcakes or something. Maybe that'll still be how it is when she goes to big school and has 30 kids in her class instead of 12.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

10 on Tuesday

1. With valentine's day around the corner, Mya keeps coming home with lovely little crafts like these

2. So, it turns out goat's milk is not our friend like we originally thought. I can still eat it and I can still bake with it but dear God don't let Henry eat any. We found out by accident yesterday when I put some in his oatmeal at breakfast. I did it without thinking because we've had no problems with goat's milk thus far and the entire day was spent trying to soothe a clingy, fussy, whiny baby who kept having explosive diarrhea and me not knowing what the heck was going on. This morning I figured it out. Stupid me. Never doing that again!

3. So, yesterdays goat's milk fiasco led to a late bedtime and then of course led to a late wake up time. I hate having to wake him up when he's sleeping but this morning I had no choice because we had to take Mya to school. 

4. My date to return to work is February 25th and it seems to creeping up on us at a rapid rate. Neither of us want me to go back to work and I get this feeling inside me like I'm going against my gut every time we talk about it. So, if neither of us want me to return to work, then why am I doing it?

5. Check out this lovely girl

6. Adam is putting together his own little man cave. Down in the room that used to be an office, we've put the pull out couch, the old tv and we picked up a cheap (yet still quite cute) second hand tv stand. He's in the middle of trying to put together our old computer down there and then it'll be all set!

7. I need to get to the city soon so I can spend my gift cards I got for Christmas! I don't have any work clothes that still fit so my gift cards will be spent on work clothes...yay.

8. I'm currently reading Steve Jobs' biography. It's actually a book that Adam got for Christmas but I've adopted it as my own and I'm really enjoying it! I have a thing for learning about other people's lives and cultures and I've been told that I would probably really enjoy an anthropology class. They're probably right.

9. Tomorrow me and Mya are going to make heart shaped rice krispie square lollipops to go with her valentines.

10. I just saw a Fisher Price barn from when I was a child posted online and described as "vintage". Now if that doesn't make you feel old...