Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow, Snow, Snow!!

I haven't complained once all winter about the cold or the snow or the winter boots we have to put on our kid everytime we go out. But now, I am tired of the snow.

Adam's had way more snow days this year than last year. After looking at the picture above (which was taken today after a snow day) and the picture below (taken on a snow day last year), do I really need to explain?

I would like to wear some sundresses and flip flops please!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Picture Hanging Funness! (note the sarcasm)

Last night we finally hung our picture collage that we got for Christmas. This is amazingly good for me considering more times than not, the item in question gets left until a couple years later. I went ahead and picked out all the pictures and got them printed and then frigged around trying to get them to look right because they didn't actually hold the size they said they would.

When I started putting the pictures together in the frames I noticed on that on the back of one there were instructions on how to hang them. I thought to myself, "ha, seriously? who doesn't know how to hang picture frames?" and then realized I didn't and found myself reading them intently a few minutes later. I also didn't realize how long it would take or how difficult it would be to hang several frames in such a manner so that they were all lined up with each other and that they were all spaced evenly. Having a level only helped a little but not with the nailing or the distancey part.

Anyways, they're done now and I'm glad. Because I'm never doing it again.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Phil and Ted Are My New Boyfriends

So, we had been thinking of getting a new stroller for awhile but we couldn't agree on what to get. Adam wanted something with big wheels for better maneuverability, I thought we should get a double stroller so we'd have something for future use and I also thought we should get a travel system cause we'd need one someday. Well, we got all three. So pleased am I. We got the Phil & Teds Inline Dash stroller and it's AWESOME! We got it second hand from Kijiji and it came with the second seat to turn it into a double when we need it, the single rain cover, the double rain cover, the cocoon for newborn little babies, and the bug net.

I will admit that I didn't even know this fabulous invention existed until I spoke with my friend Heidi when she was mentioning she wanted one for when her little baby was born. Well, it got me thinking that I wanted one too. So, I hunted around and found one and we haven't stopped playing with it since we got it home.

Mya liked it so much she wanted to just sit in it and eat snacks all night...! Lets hope the novelty doesn't wear off!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Going Private?

So, it seems that most of my beloved blogs I love to stalk are all going private one by one. Well, why don't I email them to be put on the special list of people who get to read it you ask? Well, that's because the blogs I read are by people who don't know me but I stumbled upon their blog one day and got hooked (mostly because they also have kids and live somewhere in Eastern Canada) and I think it would be weird if I emailed them and asked to be part of their private circle. Especially where I'm a stranger to them. So, now what do I do?

And since a post isn't fun without a picture...

...I'll give you two silly ones! What a silly girl!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Our Beauty Queen


Love her!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

To celebrate the new year we took our tree down tonight and it was about time. Don't get me wrong! I loved our tree and I love Christmas but our living room is quite small and that was before we brought a tree into it. I couldn't believe how much bigger the room felt once the tree was out and to think our living room/dining room felt small before. Anyways, 2010 is over and I guess it was a good year. Normal things happened, birthdays were celebrated, little trips were taken, we moved...again, but nothing out of the ordinary. Maybe 2011 will bring exciting, new things? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Yesterday Mya took a maiden voyage on her new sled now that we have snow and she really liked it! I don't know how if she knows what to make of snow though...

...but we taught her to make a snow angel!

That's how we spent part of our New Year's Eve...sledding with Mya. Once I picked my nephew up at the airport we settled in for a Criminal Minds marathon and I was in bed by 10pm and probably asleep by 10:15pm. The holidays had us too pooped to do anything fun so early bedtime it was!