Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! (Wordless Wednesday)


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. Tomorrow is Halloween! I'm really hoping this hurricane doesn't bring any worse weather than we're already dealing with. Today it's windy and a little rainy. That isn't enough to ruin trick or treating!

2. I feel I've been rather productive while the baby is napping this morning: laundry, dishes, made puree. I should sweep the floor too but I don't wanna.

3. Christmas at the forum is this weekend! Yay! I haven't been to that in a long, long time!

4. I was going to post a video of Henry's first time on the swing at the park but blogger kept telling me there was an error when trying to post my video.

5. Mya is stoked that her Halloween costume is finished and I'm stoked that Henry's fits perfectly! We had a trial run yesterday and based on the feedback from the facebook world, I'd say it was a hit!

6. Grampie Conner was down for the night on Sunday and we took him around to look at the pumpkin people. Mya said her favorite was Woody from Toy Story.

7. Mya's preschool teacher sent every kid home with a "spiderling" from her spider plant because they're learning about spiders today at school. I don't think Mrs. M understands my thumb is not green.

8. Henry is 20lbs and only 2lbs away from outgrowing his car seat! It'll be happy and crappy. I like that right now I can take him in and out of the car without having to unbuckle him but I also hate that Mya's car seat is a pain in the rear to move around. This is just life I guess.

9. Wanna see some cuteness?

10. It seems that as long as I drink Mya's lactose free milk, Henry will be nice to me. So happy about that because soy milk was g-r-o-s-s gross.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. I spilled cumin the other night and sucked it up with the dust buster. Now when I use the dust buster I can smell cumin. Next time I should suck up some cinnamon.

2. My second cup of coffee this morning gave me gut rot.

3. My oven is in need of some serious cleaning. I've never cleaned an oven that was self cleaning before. I don't know how to do it.

4. The fire making season is well underway! I love having a woodstove. They always make the house feel so cozy.

5. Dairy is still causing some issues for Henry. Sometimes, I think I can get away with it and sneak some ice cream or yogurt but his gut always knows if I've been cheating. There's no hiding it!

6. It is freaking cold out there tonight! Brr!

7. We got Mya a new winter jacket while we were in the city. It's a little big so I'm hoping she'll get 2 winters out of it like her last jacket. We still need boots.

8. The playroom is getting a major purge. Not just because come Christmas we won't be able to walk down there but I have a sneaking suspicion it's a fire hazard.

9. Henry's Christmas stocking is done and I can't wait to see it! Yay!

10. I think we're going to carve pumpkins this weekend! And we told Mya we could go have a look at the pumpkin people. She seems pumped!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Post

It's Monday. We went to the city on Friday to try and accomplish ALL of our Christmas shopping. We got most of it done, but there are still 2-3 people left. We always have this unrealistic idea of how long it'll take us in each store (this is partially due to the fact that we think we're a decisive, cooperative couple. we are not.) and when we looked at our list we thought we'd be finished by early afternoon. Well, we forgot that there would be other people shopping at the same time and other people driving around too. Those things cut into your time and make you less productive. By 5pm we decided to call it quits.

I'm trying really hard not to get all excited for Christmas too early this year since I know it would be too easy to get Mya excited too and right now, she's 3 and it's October. That just isn't fair. I'm sure that for her Christmas already seems sooo far away without listening to Christmas music or talking about where we're getting our tree from. But the shopping? That just has to be done early because it's the only way to avoid the crowds! It's getting worse and worse every year.

Anyways, that was just my Monday rant. Wanna see what early morning playtime looks like?

And now do you want to see what beet hands look like?

More specifically, what your hands look like after peeling and chopping beets for puree (which he liked by the way!)

This is what a handmade bonnet looks like when you a) have no idea what you're doing, b) don't own a sewing machine, and c) are starting not to care what it looks like.

Those are bobby pins holding the material in place until I was able to glue the fabric to the "brim" aka Cheerios box.

And last but not least, this is what early morning playtime looks like in black and white.

See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. The Halloween costumes are almost done! Henry's isn't turning out quite the way I had hoped but I look at it this way: it's for a 7 month old, he'll be wearing it for maybe an hour, he'll likely be in the stroller or being held the whole time (so a good chunk of costume won't be seen anyway), and it's Halloween for goodness sake. It's supposed to be about making costumes and dressing in random things. That's what people did before Walmart where you can now go slap down $20-$50 for a costume and call it a day.

2. Adam really likes this picture:

3. I like this one. Coloring is a serious business at our house. You have to put lots of thought and consideration into each color!

4. It looks like we're going to have a houseful for Christmas this year too! I love a full house at Christmas.

5. I've been thinking about whether we should try and get Mya into speech therapy or not or if we should mention to the doctor that she's tongue tied. I'm worried the doctor will snip it, and I'm not sure I want that but I've noticed she doesn't speak clearly compared to other children her age. It's narrowed down to certain sounds and while some are obviously related to the tongue, others just require her to break a bad habit and practice the proper way to say it.

6. Henry is not a good napper. If he sleeps an hour that's considered good. I think I just expected all kids took 2 good, full 2 hour naps a day. That's what Mya did but he never got the memo. For example, he's waking up right now. It's been a half hour.

7. I've been putting off making cookies to use up the rest of the pumpkin puree in my fridge but I just can't seem to find the time!

8. We're going to the city this morning to knock out some Christmas shopping...yay! I can't wait!

9. After some interesting cat behavior this morning I've concluded that my cat can see dead people.

10. This is one of the cute bibs we scored at the craft fair last weekend. We got lots of stuff actually and we look forward to it every year.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and as usual, I am not ready. At the present moment in time, I have the baby strapped to my chest with tonight's supper half started in the crockpot and pumpkins roasting in the oven for puree.The other day Mya asked me "what is Thanksgiving?" and I explained that it's a holiday where we get together with friends and family and we cook a turkey and think about all the things we're thankful for. I told her I was thankful for my wonderful family and that I have 2 healthy children (she promptly reminded me that she was not healthy, she was sick and then I had to try to sidestep explaining what I meant). She then told me what she was thankful for: "I'm thankful for my toys, and that I have a brother aaaannndd.....umm....Pepper!" Yep. Pepper made the list. Annoying, hairy, stupid Pepper. Oh well. Mya must think she's some level of awesome.

So anyways, this year my list of things I'm thankful for is definitely not short. I'm thankful for everyone in my life and everything we have. My list may not include toys or Pepper but I think she gets the idea and that's what matters.