Thursday, September 3, 2009


we have internet again! and with only minimal swearing and calling the help line twice, i was able to get it connected. yay me!
we successfully moved all of our worldly goods to digby but we haven't fully unpacked yet. it would appear that we have to the untrained eye but if you were to peek behind any of the closed doors it would look like our closets have thrown up. maybe this weekend, when i have back up, i'll attempt getting mya's room in order...which is the hardest room by the way! she grows so fast that i'm sure she doesn't fit in the clothes she was wearing in halifax last month so that means i have to sort through everything i crammed into her bags and set aside the things she can't wear anymore and then make a frenchy's trip for all the things she needs now.

today was adam's first day of school and it's really exciting! compared to england, this set up is so much better. he gets his own classroom for starts! and the other pluses are that he doesn't have to stay at school until 5pm+ everyday, he doesn't have to go in at like 7:30am, he gets an actual lunch break and has the option of going to an actual staff room. craziness. can you believe the kids actually get the day off on friday for the wharf rat rally? what is up with that?

my baby has just woken up after he very long 45min nap so i should go get her. ta ta!


Suz said...

you aren't serious!!!...a day off!!...pleassee tell me that digby ISN'T that hick!! Nevermind, I know the answer...
Ok, I am going to stop bashing the town cause you might pack up and move far far away again and I wouldn't like that.
P.S. I started my own blog tonight...procrastination 101. You are going to have to help me refine it this weekend.