Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Apple Blossom

This past week has been the Apple Blossom Festival here in the valley and we really didn't take part in a whole lot of it. It seems that the festival is a much bigger deal to you if you're from this area. I am not.

However, we decided to attend the children's parade which was fantastic. It was just the right length, anyone could join, lots of music, lots of kids in it...all good things. Mya really liked the music and joined in the dancing whenever a group went by that was rocking out. I couldn't help but take a video. And now I will share with you!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

Someone didn't get a nap yesterday and around 6pm this is what Adam found on the couch

He said it was quite the battle to wake her up and bath her and get her ready for bed. I don't think he'll be doing that again.

Ten minutes later she graduated to full blown drooling while sleeping.

Adorable, but never doing that again.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Broken Back

So a week ago on Monday I threw out my back, or as my physiotherapist friend says, I sprained my SI joint. It all happened when I leaned over where I was sitting on the couch and tried to pick Mya up off the floor. Bad idea. It was followed with immediate pain and suffering. I spent most of that week looking like this:

Combine laying on my doggy bed, getting physio 3 times, not working that whole week and having Adam basically do everything for me (I couldn't even get into the shower alone folks), I think I'm finally on the road to recovery. Today was my first day back to our old routine and that meant being a full time mommy while Adam was at work. It didn't totally suck but only because my child is now old enough to walk and understand what I'm saying so I totally made her help me with things. She's a good helper...when she wants to be. When I wasn't on the floor, my time was precious and had to be spent doing other things like showering and eating and then it was back to the floor! So, basically, that's my excuse for not having updated in awhile. Sorry!

To make up for it, I'm willing to share some cute pics. Good deal? I think so.

I think it's cute that she'll grab a couch cushion and sit on top of it like she's a princess or something, especially when she's doing something as princessy as watching tv.

Showing off her beautiful dollar store necklace

Blowing bubbles with dad

Showing off her trike skills in the driveway

That's all for tonight folks! I'm headed to bed!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Camping Time!

We had been scoping the flyers for a couple weeks now looking for a sweet deal on a tent. Although we both know that camping in a trailer would be easier, we can't afford a trailer right now and our car won't pull one either. So, instead we're settling for what we can afford right now and that happens to be a kick ass tent! We just picked it up this morning.

We were looking for a 2 room tent because of previous incidents where we learned Mya cannot sleep in the same room as us and this one offers us that as well as a screened in porch area that'll help keep the flies off if it happens to be a buggy summer. This tent was only $98! Not bad, huh? The 2 room tents at Canadian Tire were around $300 and that seemed awfully steep. I know the one we bought probably isn't the best tent you could get but for the amount we're going to use it, I think it'll be just fine.

Adam is keen to get out now and wants to go camping for the long weekend. I can't say I'm on board...I would prefer if it was a little warmer because we've gone camping on the long weekend in May before and I nearly froze to death. Mind you, that was in Ontario. It might be different in NS. Ok, time to take the tent down and test our abilities to cram it back in the bag before the rain comes back!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Breathe Right, Adam Style

Yesterday morning I woke up very stuffed up. I wasn't sneezy, I wasn't itchy so I ruled out allergies. I didn't have a cough or a sore throat so I ruled out a cold. I don't know what my problem was but my neti pot only partially worked, twice. By evening it still wasn't better but I had figured out at work that if I held my nostrils open I could breathe better (I know, I'm odd. I'm ok with it.). So, even if I couldn't make my sinuses less stuffed up at least I could breathe as long as I was able to keep the ol' nostrils open. I never really understood how breathe right nose strips worked besides the obvious. How can they hold your nostrils open from the outside?? Anyways, by the time I got home from work everything was closed and I wasn't heading out to track down some breathe right strips so Adam got to work crafting one for me from stuff around the house so I could sleep last night.

Please ignore the tired looking, naked faced girl in the picture. I just got home from work, it was late, I was tired and I had just washed my make up off.

I know I look like the biggest moron out there but know what? It worked! It honestly worked. And plus, I was only going to sleep so no one was going to see my anyways. He took a little piece of hard plastic from the framing of these plastic utensils Mya got with her play food for her birthday and bent it slightly and then popped some duct tape over it. Voila. Homemade breathe right nose strips.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day Weekend

So, as I mentioned before we were in Halifax this past weekend where we house sat for the mother in law. Even though it was only an over night trip I feel like we did a lot this weekend. There was a lot of running around! We went to a last minute birthday party (where Mya may have met her best friend for the first time. How cute is it when one little girl grabs another little girl's hand and takes her out on the deck to the set up table to color? So. Cute.), we had a bbq supper/get together with friends, we went to the new Farmer's Market, we went shopping for a baby gift, we bought a couple books at Chapters, we picked up a new pair of sunglasses for Mya because her other ones are MIA, we went for a walk, we tidied up Nana's house so it looked the same as when we arrived. See? Full weekend.

My favorite part of the weekend though was Mother's Day. Mya lovingly slept in until 8:30am and I like to think she did this just for me. If only she had known her thoughtfulness didn't matter because I was awake at 7am with a stuffy nose and couldn't breathe. Oh well, I was up and showered and ready to start the day before I even heard a peep from her. Worked out well for me as you can see in the photos: hair? Clean and brushed. Teeth? Brushed. Clothes? Clean and on. Make up? On. Mya? Not so much...

Her hair was a little more wild than usual because she had to go to bed the night before with damp hair. I hadn't thought to pack the hair dryer and I guess Nana took both of hers with her on her trip. Result? Crazy bed head.

So after the card I got to open my present! Adam bought me a locket that he had picked out himself and put two pictures in it that make me happy. He also got me a book I've been wanting to read:

It was a pretty good weekend I think! I was a happy mama! And last but not least, I share with you Mya's new sunglasses:

I had a hard time getting her to look at the camera. At least she's saying "cheese" in this one!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

10 on Tuesday

1. This weekend is Mother's Day weekend. I haven't bought my mother a card yet and I'm not sure what to get her. I'm sure I'll think of something.

2. This weekend we are headed to Halifax to do a little house sitting while my mother in law is away. We'll only be there for the weekend because we both have to work on Monday, but it'll be fun to get away and play house in someone else's house.

3. Why, why, why has it been raining for 2 weeks with only 2 days of sun!? I'm not even exaggerating. That's the sad part. Hopefully the sun will win out in this weather battle cause I'm tired of being cold in my house.

4. So, the Conservatives won with a majority government. Not sure how I feel about that, but it's not good!

5. After spending Easter weekend in Cape Breton and realizing that the highlight of Mya's trip was Adidas the cat, Adam's started thinking we should get a cat. We've looked at the SPCA's website and we can't decide between Lou, King, and Richard. Adam's picks are King and Richard but I can't get on board. I prefer Lou. None of this is official though...we aren't even sure our landlord allows cats but we're thinking about it.

6. My 2011 Census package came in the mail about a half hour ago and I'm already done filling it out. I think I might be the first person in Canada who has it done. Go me. Want me to fill yours out too?

7. Animal crackers are oddly addictive. I can't tell if it's the feeling like a child, or the sugar. Probably both.

8. I feel like I'm battling daily headaches. I don't think that's supposed to happen. They suck.

9. We've booked a trip to visit friends and family in Ontario this summer. We're really looking forward to it!

10. Mya is doing awesome with her words...she can say lots of them now and it seems like she whips out a new one everyday.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Voting Day!

Today is voting day for the Federal Election. Go vote! That's all I have to say. We're lucky to live in a country where we get the chance to vote. We get to decide who's elected to run our government. Do you know how many countries out there don't have that privilege?? Even if you don't know who to vote for, vote anyway! Spoil your ballot if you really want to if you don't think any of those guys deserve to be in office but at least that way you've still done something with your vote. You've still done something with your say. I voted today and was happy I did it. I can't wait for tonight to see the results!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Green Smoothies

For awhile now I've been making smoothies with frozen fruit and yogurt and banana. Me and Mya share one and she likes them and they're good for her/us, so it's win win. But recently it seems like everyone's been drinking these "green smoothies" and I have to say, they look gross. I only found out a couple days ago what was in these green smoothies and really, it's all the same stuff I already put in with just some fresh spinach added. How bad could it be? They say you can't even taste the spinach because of all the other stuff. So, today I gave it a shot.

Note that my smoothie is far from green. I think I might've screwed up? But I can't figure out how...I put a ton of spinach in it, and then when I noticed it wasn't even green I added more. I also put some honey, yogurt, Mya milk, a whole banana, some frozen berries (blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries). This is how it turned out. It tasted good and I felt good knowing I was getting even more healthiness than I usually get in my smoothies but I still wanted it to be green.

If you look close you can see little green bits floating around...yum! Not a bad way to use up any leftover spinach you might have since you can't even taste it...!