Sunday, June 26, 2011

Grammie Visits

My mom arrived at our place on Thursday and it was nice to see her after a year of not. It was a short visit because she had to go back on Saturday but we tried to do some fun things during that time. We took her to the farm to pick some strawberries and I think Mya probably ate more than we picked.

It didn't matter to her that she was eating the stems or white ones or ones that a bug had hollowed out. Ew.

We picked four quarts before calling it a day.

Before we left the farm though, Mya got the chance to check out the animals and even help feed a baby cow! The other little girl who was feeding the cow was also named Mya which made it funny when the moms were standing there with cameras saying, "Mya, look at mommy!"

Mom had a good day at the farm and Mya had a good day at the farm. What more could you ask for? My mom is back in Alberta now but it won't be long before she's back in Nova Scotia for good and hopefully we'll be able to see her more often.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ice Skates

My mom flew in over the weekend and with her she brought a ton of stuff for my little one. One item in particular that really made me swoon was a little pair of ice skates. It's true that things just get cuter when they get smaller. We tried them on this morning and sadly, they just barely fit her now which means she's not wearing them this winter. I plan to hold onto them in case I can use them later down the road, but for now I guess we'll just have to be on the look out for another pair.

The little pink skate guards are my favorite part!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day

I forgot to post this yesterday but today is just as good. For father's day yesterday Adam got to sleep in, was brought breakfast in bed, had steak for supper and ice cream cake for dessert. Add that to the round of golf he played the day before and I think he had a pretty good father's day. Mya's favorite part was the ice cream cake.

My dad is still out west so I didn't get to see him on Sunday and I didn't get to talk to him either. Every time I called he was out enjoying himself on his day.

Happy father's day to all the awesome dads out there!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

10 on Tuesday

1. Only 4 more sleeps till I get to see my mama!

2. We went for our first family bike ride on the weekend. I. am. out. of. shape!

3. When we were at Walmart the other day we walked down the aisle that sells bathroom scales so we could weigh Mya. Back in January she weighed 33lbs. I thought it was safe to assume she weighed more than that now and anytime someone asked I would say, "Around 35lbs" because it made sense that she would have gained between then and now. Well, my giant toddler must be losing weight because she was only 31lbs. And we weighed her twice to make sure.

4. This year's spring has my allergies all riled up. I haven't had to take allergy pills in more than 5 years and this year I can't seem to take one that will bring me some relief. Dealing with it during the day is something I can handle. It's the night when I'm trying to sleep that I would like to tap my sinuses like they do with maple trees.

5. Mya is doing really well with her talking. It seems like everyday she's repeating what we're saying resulting in a slew of new words. Just this morning she pointed out the window and said, "daddy, work" and it made me so happy! It's super cute when they start putting words together.

6. My back is doing much better and it seems I've made a full recovery. It's a good thing I work where I do!

7. We've been talking lately about putting Mya in a big girl bed. I'm not totally sold on the idea yet but I'm getting there. I think by the end of summer/this fall she'll have her very own bed! And to make it special I think we'll get some Dora or Sesame Street sheets to go on it.

8. I am loving the new clothes that the nice weather brings! Mya has so many dresses and cutie pie shorts that she wasn't able to wear but now that the weather has turned around, it's cute overload everyday.

9. I can't wait till Adam is done school..! Only a couple more weeks of teaching and then he's home everyday! Yahoo!

10. We've been going to the playground a lot lately. Mya likes the independence she has being able to run around without us on her constantly and we like the little break of being able to parent without a lot of effort. Win win!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rhubarb Season

You can tell that rhubarb is in season because everyone here is selling it. We stopped at the Wolfville market this morning and picked some up along with some nice local beef and homemade bread. The bread tasted delicious with my homemade squash soup leftovers and there's hardly any day that lasted us! Tonight after Mya was in bed I decided to make a little change to my strawberry rhubarb pie recipe. Instead of a top crust I thought it would be yummy to make a crumble for the top.

The only thing is, my pie recipe says to leave it in the oven for 35-40 minutes and the crumble was ready after only 25min. I didn't want it to burn so I took it out but I think the rhubarb could've handled a little more time.

It turned out yummy anyway and I don't think it'll be sticking around for long!

P.S. how awesome did I do on the crust, huh! It looks just like the ones you can buy, but I crimped it all by myself!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Snip, Snip, Hooray!

So yesterday when we drove Mya to the city for a little sleepover with Auntie Elisa, I stopped and got a haircut. Finally. I was still a bit worried that after it was chopped I wouldn't have enough to donate but I actually did. One foot of hair was cut off and i have the pony tail to prove it. I'm happy with the end result and think my new hair cut is cute!

It doesn't quite look like I thought it would but I think that's only because my usual girl no longer works where I usually go and of course I'm probably never going to find her again. So, a new girl cut my hair and it turned out ok...not quite what I wanted but it's ok. And, after all, it's just hair. It'll always grow back.