Thursday, December 3, 2009

9 month check up

Yesterday mya and I went to halifax for the day because miss mya needed her 9 month check up (by the way, nine months??? seriously? where has the time gone!?). I had thought she didnt need any needles this visit but the doctor claimed i must've misheard her last time...yeah right. Mya got just one needle (the same stuff she got last time) to help bring her up to speed with the canadian vaccine schedule. sadly, she'll need another one when she's 11 months and then she'll get her 1 yr needles the month after that. my poor baby is getting poked left, right and centre! This time, she weighed 21.4lbs and measured 29.5 inches! it seems she's growing in length more than in weight but i guess that's to be assumed now she's mobile and crawling all over the place!

Before our doctor visit we stopped to visit auntie elisa and to try on some clothes for christmas to see what fits. it's so nice that she's too young to know what christmas is or that they were her presents she was trying on. then off to the doctor we went! after the doctor, we stopped at nana's for lunch but unbeknown to me, i had lost my key to nana's house. i had it when i left that morning but now it was nowhere to be found...after searching the entire car, listening to the baby scream at the top of her lungs because she was hungry, even trying to break in through the back, we headed BACK to auntie elisa's to feed baby there. when we got there we found out she had already left for work but owen was home! yay for owen! he let us in (cause he's super nice!), and mya repaid the favor by being super quiet while she ate so owen could get his work done. wanna know where the key was? sitting on the purple chair in auntie elisa's living room where i had put my coat when we were there the first time. stupid chair.

after lunch, we left owen to get more work done and we were off again! this time to get some christmas/birthday shopping done and because mya loves shopping she was excellently behaved. shopping wasnt as stressful as i thought it would be...for the amount of cars in the parking lot, you would think there would've been more people in the store...but there were actually 3 (THREE!) empty checkouts with NO ONE in line! lucky me! back to nana's for one last stop to have an afternoon bottle and a chat with celeste and we were headed for home!

by the time we got home we were both tired so it was off to bed we went. it was a good day but a long day. this weekend we'll be going back to the city to have some birthday fun with auntie elisa and suzanne and hopefully when we get back we'll go cut down our christmas tree! yay! i love christmas!