Saturday, December 18, 2010

One Week!

Is everyone ready for Christmas? Because it is officially one week until Christmas Day!!! I'm spending this Saturday listening to lovely Christmas music while I bake some cookies and the baby naps. It couldn't be better, really. When she wakes up we're going to spread some holiday cheer by bringing some homemade cookies and a Christmas card next door to the neighbours.

I think I'm as ready as I can be. Everything we need present-wise has been bought and now we're just focusing on groceries for Christmas dinner.

Oh my God! I can't believe I forgot to mention this first thing: Mya has peed on the potty a total of 4 times now! I am so proud and impressed!! It was the best Christmas present ever. Really. I wasn't going to try potty training until after she turned 2 but she started showing me she was out we went to buy a potty. I'm so happy. Let's just hope it keeps progressing forward and she doesn't regress at all.

Ok, gotta get back to the cookies before they burn!

Happy holidays!