Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Models and Mail Buddies

The other day we were getting ready to head out for brunch with some friends and where it wasn't crazy cold out, I thought I would dress Mya in the sweater she got for Christmas rather than a coat. It didn't disappoint!

How sweet is that sweater? Thank the little old lady at the Digby Scallop days because she knit it. And then our model tried on a hat that we had made for a little friend of ours who was turning 1 and we wanted to see how it would fit so she gave it a go.

Adorable, right? I know. A woman who lives somewhat locally (Halifax) has a little business and she knit this cutie pie teddy bear hat. I ordered two, one in toddler size and one in newborn for another little friend of ours. She just knit a bunny hat too and I think it might even be cuter than the teddy bear hat. I'm definitely going to be getting one from her. If you're interested you can check out her facebook page here.

And one last picture for good measure. We were off to mail our hats and I took a pic of my mail buddy.