Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Little Catch Up

So, you can clearly see that I haven't posted anything in a really, really long time. A few things that have happened since my last post include:

-Mya got her first hair cut
-Father's Day
-We've decided to go camping this summer

So, first things first. Mya had been asking for a little while to get her hair cut. Ever since Mother's Day when I got bangs actually. I tried to explain to her that once your hair got cut, it would look different and not be able to go back the way it was. The only reason I was quite worried that that theory wouldn't sink in was because of a recent trip to a May Fair where she backed out of getting her face painted once the lady had already started. I don't know why she didn't like it. I thought it was just standard that all kids liked to get their faces painted. Anyways, after explaining how it would work, I was still worried she would have some sort of post hair cut melt down so I decided it would just be best if we got the guy to cut a couple inches from the bottom. That way, when she looked in the mirror it would look the same but she still got her hair cut at the same time. Brilliant? Why yes I am.

Feeling like I had figured everything out, I wasn't prepared for this:

Adam said to her "you don't have to get your hair cut if you don't want to!" out of fear the rest of the place would think we were unfit parents. But she said "but I DO want to get my hair cut!" between sobs. So the guy kept cutting. Afterwards, she said it hurt when he cut her hair but she was shot down when we explained that hair can't feel (just like finger nails) so she went with "it hurt when he combed my hair." So maybe there were a couple knots. No biggie. The end result?

She was fine in the end. The Curious George toys probably helped a bit.

Then it was Father's Day and I had ordered these shirts for Adam from I got one for him that said "I made adorable babies" and one for Mya that read "Adorable kid" and one for Henry that read "Adorable baby". Appropriate? Definitely.

The only crappy things were that I waited too long to order them and they didn't arrive until a couple days after Father's Day and they were really expensive. I don't think the price was unreal for one but I got 3 and paid a lot. Oh, and the sizing. Don't trust the sizing on their site. The only one that fit properly was Mya's and it's a 4T. That's what size she wears now so I figured that was a safe bet and Henry's was a 6-12 months, but it's a little big. Not really a big deal cause he will grow into it but he's wearing plenty of 9 month sized clothes now so I thought 6-12 months would be good. I was wrong. Adam's shirt was ordered in an XL and he definitely noticed the moment he took the shirt out of the package. He typically wears a medium in most things but the size chart showed a picture of a man and it said he was 5'9 and 165lbs wearing a size large. Knowing that Adam is both bigger than 5'9 and more than 165lbs, I took their word and went for an XL. It is miles too big even after it's been washed and dried. Oh well, at least he can wear it camping...which brings me to my next point:

We've decided to take the kids camping this summer for a week in PEI. Our original plan was to fly out west to visit my sister and her family (since we've been so awesome at collecting air miles), buy a car (since we thought we were going to need a second one for the fall) and drive it home. We soon realized that would cost a lot more than we realized and we didn't feel we could swing it financially or mentally. Our sanity was at risk here and we didn't want to lose it. So a week long camping trip to PEI is the alternative and I think that alone will be taxing on our health but we're hoping that with some careful planning it'll go as smoothly as camping with a 4 month old and a 3 year old can be.

Now, to share some pics that havent been posted yet:

Voila! My monthly blogpost! I'll try to post again before another month goes by!