Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day

Just a quick (late) post to make up for the unplanned hiatus I seem to have taken. Blogs are a lot of work! It's like having another kid. Only this one I can neglect without worry of social services knocking at my door.

Yesterday was Father's Day and Adam had some sleeping in, breakfast in bed and a couple gifts to open. Then we headed to his sister's house to spend some time at the lake. It was a really great day!

Last night I was sitting around thinking about all the old pictures of me and my dad when I was little and came across this one

of me, dad and Treeva when she was brand new. There are other oldies I'd like to scan but I am neither able to figure out how to scan on the scanner downstairs with the computer upstairs nor do I have the time right now to look through pictures and actually scan it with kids pulling at my pant legs.

And here's a picture of our super hero daddy! Maybe someday when Mya is older, she'll have a (better kept up) blog too and she'll be scanning old pics like these to share with everyone.