Monday, July 13, 2009

Goings on

I don't know how i'm finding the time to do this considering mya never sleeps during the week when i'm here alone with her. she's a model child on the weekends when adam is home from work and it's 2 vs. 1, but during the week she knows it's even and breaks out the big guns. i guess i shouldn't complain cause they only stay little for so long...

This is adam's last week at brooke weston! woo hoo! we're both super pumped (him probably more than me)...and that means we're coming home in 10 days! we've actually started crossing things off our to do list which makes me feel a little less like i'm spiraling into a crazy moving-away-i'm-never-doing-this-again fit of hysteria.
we still have to:
-set up the car insurance
-close our bank account here
-sell adam's golf clubs
-buy some last minute things that you can only get here

This weekend we'll be renting a car and having a going away bbq at ashley and rachel's to see everyone one last time before we take off. it should be good fun and we'll try to get some pics with our wicked awesome disposable camera. And before we take the car back next week we're planning a trip to THE BABY MEGASTORE! i know. it's going to be insanity. I've been wanting to go there since we arrived in this country and i found out it existed, but havent had a chance until now. it is only the biggest baby store i have ever seen. think costco but filled with everything baby. literally.

ok, enough blogging for today. i have to try and get other things done while baby girl conner is in dreamland.