Friday, July 24, 2009

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

And here we are! After some crappy fly time (mya does not like flying) we finally arrived thursday night and were soooooooo happy to finally be home! We've learned that traveling with a baby gets you things that you wouldn't get otherwise, such as: getting to the front of the customs line and getting the row on the plane to yourself. Mind you, the only reason we got both of those things is cause she was screaming. On the second part of the flight, we managed to actually get her to sleep and made a makeshift bed on the seat between us:

I wish i was still small enough to sleep for hours on an airplane seat. As of today (saturday) we're still trying to get her adjusted to the time change and hopefully it won't take too much longer since i'm tired of waking up at 5am when she thinks its actually 9am...

On the weekend before we left we had a bbq at ashley and rachel's to see everyone one last time before being gone for good.

The weather turned out beautifully, the food was good and the kids really enjoyed it. It was sad to leave at the end though. Mya also got to spend some time with her boyfriend and future husband, Harri (who adores her):

He kept giving her kisses and rubbing her cheeks and head! It was love. She even took a nap in his bed and rachel said it was the first girl harri ever had in his bed...haha!

One last thing to post before going to have breakfast: Mya learned a couple days ago that she has a tongue so we've been getting a tongue stuck out at us all the time now. I keep thinking how cute it is now, but how rude it'll be when she's 13.
Ok, time for breakfast! and i have to go relieve adam of his morning shift with mya as she thinks it's normal to be awake right now.