Friday, August 21, 2009

Yarmouth adventures

We got back from our Yarmouth visit today and just in time! Hurricane Bill is supposed to hit on sunday and i hear it might be a doozy...definitely not driving weather. My dad flew in from Lloyd last sunday and i picked him up from the airport and got to spend some time with him this week. I hadn't seen dad since my wedding 2 years ago so it was nice to see him and introduce him to mya. She also got to meet her cousin Ashton who's just 1 month older

and we finally got mya's crib from yarmouth set up so it's no more playpens for her! I'm hoping it'll help her sleep better at night.
We only have one more week before we move into our new place and i think we have almost everything we need. we were even able to score a washer and dryer! i'm getting really excited to be in our own place and not have to live out of a suitcase anymore. Apparently, there's something called "the wharf rat rally" that'll be going on the weekend we move in and i guess it's a big deal? we may have to start renting out rooms! 20,000 motorcycles! insanity really.

time to hurricane proof the place and stock up on groceries!