Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Canadian adventures

Craziness has ensured that i havent had time to blog since being back in the old country. We just got back from visiting adam's dad in cape breton last night and holy moly was it hot there! i can't really complain about the weather though cause it only rained once. we took mya to the beach for the first time and she loved the water even though it was colder than her bath, but my baby is a water babe:

I've successfully gotten mya a canadian health card so hopefully she wont need it any time soon but i still have to get her a doctor and brush up on my canadian childhood vaccinations. i wish it was the same all over but it isnt so i have to do my homework!

Mya seems to have finally adjusted to the new time zone and has resumed her usual schedule which i am soooo thankful for because waking up at 4am for the day wasnt my idea of fun...or adam's.

We found somewhere to live in digby for sept 1st which is a weight lifted off our shoulders but we still have to pick up a few things in the furniture department. Thanks to our wonderful parents, though, we have almost everything we need. It seems like we're gonna be living in the new place for such a short period of time but then i think about all the new things mya is going to learn (ie. walking, eating solids, sitting up on her own) and it blows my mind.

Alright! i promise i'll try to be more on top of blogging and facebooking now that things have died down a bit, but for now im off to eat supper.