Thursday, November 19, 2009

Family and Alberta

Well, we're back from our trip out west. We had a lot of fun and got to see family and we even took a little trip to Edmonton! Mya wasn't enjoying the flight out there as much as I had hoped she would but she did MUCH better on the way back. She was so good on the flight home that people actually commented as they got off the plane that she did really well! They said she was a really good baby and that she didn't make a peep! and they're right, she didn't! We were lucky enough to get a whole row to ourselves too, awesome awesome awesome. On our stop over in Calgary on the way there, we took a bathroom break to change her and took some time to kiss the baby in the mirror:

She's quite fond of the baby in the mirror and is always willing to give her kisses! We had a bit of time to kill so we walked around and looked in the shops and took a couple more pictures:

It wasn't nearly as cold as we thought it would be so Mya didn't even need to wear her super warm snowsuit but we did bring it just in case. Auntie Jessica took us to Edmonton one day to explore the West Edmonton Mall and we got to see some neat things, but first we stopped at Ikea to do some shopping and have lunch:

Let me just say, I LOVE Ikea and not just cause they sell awesome stuff but because they make it soo easy to feed the kids there! They have their own high chairs in the restaurant (which sells good cheap food, by the way), they have a microwave station to heat up bottles and baby's food, they offer bibs, booster seats, kid dishes and cutlery! Everything you need! AND whenever you buy an adult meal you get a free jar of baby food! How awesome is that?! So, after lunch we went onto West Edmonton Mall. Mya was so good all day! She slept the whole drive to Ikea/the mall and then was really good throughout the mall (she even took a little nap!) and then slept the whole way home. Couldn't ask for more. There were lots of neat things at West Ed, but mostly it just looked like a mall inside. However, I had never been in a mall with a skating rink before or its own Chinatown:

Or its own wave pool complete with waterslides:

I knew that alberta/saskatchewan was flat but i really had no idea until we were back on the plane to head home:

Isn't that insane!?

Ok, I think that's all I have patience to write and post right now. It's time to do something productive before baby Mya wakes up!