Thursday, November 5, 2009

We're here!

This is just a little post so that I won't have so much to write when i get back...two weeks would be a lot to account for in one post. The morning we left, everything was going well. Mya even woke up at 5am all on her own so i didnt have to wake her (which i hate doing). we were only a little late getting out the door but we still arrived in time to check our bags and go through security. the first flight was about 5.5hrs and mya was not impressed about 2 or so hours into the flight. i really think it would be beneficial to the airlines to have a play area on board the plane. more parents would travel with their bebes and the bebes would be happier. Mya didnt like being held the entire time and there was no where for me to lay her down or even sit her down so she was starting to get sick of me by the time we landed in calgary. unlucky for us, the guy sitting in the window seat next to us was not a baby person and was disgruntled everytime she cried. oh well, too bad for him. the airline staff was awesome though and held her for me to use the washroom and even took her for 10min to give me a little nice! they even helped me board and de-board (?) the plane. when you travel alone with a baby even other travelers are nice (except the douche we sat next to who hated babies...who hate babies?!)...this one man kept talking to mya and making faces are her and carried my carry-on luggage off the plane for me...also so nice!
the second flight was only 45min so she did really well...considering she slept the whole time. by the time we landed in saskatoon she was one tired little girl and i was too. we got to moms and we fed her and bathed her and put her to bed around her normal time back home (7:30pm) but that felt like 10:30pm to her. After being awake since 5am with minimal napping...that made for a long day for her.

She's finally starting to adjust to the time change so that's good! yay! i'm off now to visit auntie jessica while baby sleeps.

i'll post more soon!