Monday, August 9, 2010

Puddle Jumping

Every year the Festivale Acadien is held in Clare and we went this year and took Mya to see the people, the lumberjack competition, the food, and the parade. We forgot the camera at home though, so we have no pictures of that day and we ended up leaving before the parade anyway. In place of the Festivale, I offer you pictures of the day Adam took Mya outside to play in the rain and jump in the puddles. She got quite a kick out of it and fell in the puddles a few times but wasn't impressed when she had to come back inside because she was told she wasn't allowed to walk up to the neighbour's front door and be loud/ 8:30am. Which isn't early for us but is crazy early to others.
The last picture was taken after she fell down a few times. You might be able to tell by her pants being stuck to her leg.

The other day we went downtown to see what was happening with the Digby Scallop Days festival and Adam picked out a dress for Mya to wear. It was a Sophie Special (her grandpa had bought it for her when they went to Panama) and now Miss Mya gets to wear it. I can remember Sophie wearing this dress to Sheila and Peter's wedding and I just can't believe Sophie was that young when we were there!

Ok, I saved the best for last. Last night when she got out of the tub, I dried her off and let her run around for a bit before putting her diaper on. Whenever she's really quiet it usually means she's doing something she shouldn't be and when we found her this is what she was doing.

I know I've posted pictures of her on the computer before but this time it's just so much better because she's naked. Naked little kid bums always make things better.