Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Parade of Lights

Sorry this post is a little late but last weekend we made our way back to the city for the Parade of Lights! I don't mean to sound like a whiner but I don't know if it was worth it after seeing how it went. We contemplated for hours on how to dress her and brought the necessary gear for a cold night but at the last minute we decided to leave it home and just dress her normally.

She was still dressed for coldish weather: hat and hood, winter coat, mittens, lined pants, etc. We thought her feet would be warm enough with just shoes on because she wasn't going to be running around in the snow but apparently we were wrong. The parade didn't start on time and we ended up leaving early after watching it for over an hour. Our poor baby was over tired and a little bit of an icicle. When we got back to Nana's house all she wanted was to be snuggled as she cried and cried. I love the snuggles but I hate that they always seem to come around when my bebe isn't feeling the greatest. What's up with that? She eventually thawed and got some sleep. By morning she was back to her old self.

So, remember those shoes we bought for her way back in March for her birthday? Well, they finally fit now and she wears them all the time. How cute are these suckers?

Speaking of adorable footwear, we got her some slippers from Superstore the other day because the floors are starting to get cold now that there's snow on the ground. Take a look at these cutie beauties:

Oh, and speaking of Superstore, have I mentioned I would like to win the lottery and blow all my money there on super cute kid clothes!? The plan was to pick up a pair of jammies to go with some books and then Mya would be done and I could cross her off my Christmas list, but I don't think I could buy just one pair! They have fleece nighties and fleece 2 piece pajamas and flannel 2 piece pajamas...all adorable. AND they have their clearance racks out with stuff I could get for cheap for next summer! I know!

Alright, time to stop fantasizing about Superstore and get some housework done while my helper is sleeping.