Saturday, October 1, 2011

New Addition

So this weekend we acquired a kitty! A friend of mine found it hanging around her house for the last couple weeks and since it's just a baby and there was no mama to be found, she figured it was a stray. She asked if we wanted her cause otherwise she was just going to end up at the SPCA so we thought we'd take the poor thing in. We think she's around 3 months old or so and she's a pretty good cat for being a stray. We kind of expected her to be a little rough around the edges or skittish around people but she's just the opposite!

She's warmed up to us rather quickly and is surprisingly tolerant of Mya's "love". She doesn't even run when she sees her coming which I was surprised about considering the hard love she got yesterday. She's super friendly and affectionate and loves to be around people and she's so cuddly! We named her Pepper after throwing a lot of names around and that one seems to have stuck and as Mya calls her, "Peppour". We're in the process of trying to teach her to pee and poop outside because I hate litter boxes and I figure it should be easy considering while she was a stray she did everything outside but it's proving difficult. Although, she's only made a couple accidents so far and being pregnant, I didn't have to clean them up (yay!).

So, next time you're over say hello to Pepper and be prepared for some kitty love!