Tuesday, April 17, 2012

10 on Tuesday

I'm sorry that I only seem to post on Tuesdays but lately life has been too busy to post on any other day!

1. This week is a crazy week since Adam has two seminars to attend after work. The plus side is that I don't have to rush off to work as well so at least once he's home things can calm down.

2. Henry is growing like a weed. Insert sad face. He's already wearing 3-6 month sized clothes!

3. We're trying a new recipe tonight for supper: Sweet Potato and Bean Casserole! I would give you the link but it's to some parenting website and they make you sign up before you can see it. Later this week we're going to try Cheeseburger Zucchini Pie!

4. It was 23 degrees here today and sunny! I was able to put two different loads on the line at two different times and they both dried awesomely. One load was even towels. My life is sad.

5. Two nights ago at midnight our cat somehow made her way up to the top of the telephone pole at the end of our driveway. Guess what? NS Power and the Fire Dept are not open at midnight and I was not calling 911. She kept staring down at us making these mew, mew sounds trying to make us feel bad. We tried everything we could but she still wasn't coming down. There was nothing else to do but go to bed and hope she figured it out on her own.

The next morning she was waiting at the back door for someone to let her in. We saw no limping and no other visible signs she had tried jumping off the top, so it looks like she figured it out! As you can see, she's just fine.

6. I love that my baby sleeps through the night. Really really really love it. From 11/midnight until 6-7am I sleep blissfully. You can't trade that for anything.

7. I'm considering getting some bangs and at the same time, Mya has never had a haircut. Should she get bangs too?

8. With the weather getting warmer everyday, we're trying to get out every evening when Adam's home from work and get a walk in.

9. We're thinking of going camping this summer. With two kids that could prove interesting, especially with one of them being only a few months old but looking back over the years, we seem to enjoy a challenge.

10. Mya has been practicing her bike riding skills and even rode home from the park tonight after supper. Yahoo!