Thursday, May 31, 2012

12 weeks

Twelve weeks have gone by since Henry was born and he's so big now! At 12 weeks he is sleeping through the night, has good head and neck control and seems to enjoy tummy time.

He sucks on his hand a lot of the time and I can't tell if that's because he's still trying to get his thumb or if it's a teething thing.

We still swaddle him at night time and he sleeps on his back which has resulted in a little bald spot. Once we're done with swaddling I think we'll sleep him on his belly cause he sleeps really well like that.

He weighs 14lbs now and eats about every 2 hours. He's a big boy wearing 6+ month clothes already!

He's starting to "talk" and coo which is absolutely adorable. I love it and I talk back to him.

The drooling has begun which means his little teeth are in the process of coming down so we've bought the little guy an amber necklace hoping it'll work.

He LOVES his bath. That and being naked are his two favorite things.

He is a supremely awesome baby and is rarely fussy. He's just awesome.

He likes his car seat once the car starts moving and falls asleep almost every time and he's good to go in the stroller too. Pretty easy to please!

He laughs out loud now when he's tickled or when Adam makes funny voices (he's the best at making him laugh.)

He still sleeps in our room in the moses basket because I haven't been able to cut the cord yet. I can't even use the excuse that it's easier for getting up in the night because he doesn't make me get up in the night...

He really likes his ergo carrier and always falls asleep in it. Even when he's not tired, he likes to be carried around in it so he can see everything.

He is mesmerized by the outdoors! Whenever he's crying and I can't seem to soothe him, I'll walk out the back door onto the deck and he stops crying almost right away.

Happy 12 weeks Henry!