Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mama Mule

This is how I spent my Friday afternoon while Adam was at an inservice:

You might be asking why I was carrying Mya around in the carrier when she is fully capable of walking and weighs 36lbs. That would be because she sliced the tip of her baby toe off on a broken tile in the basement that afternoon and refused to wear a band aid to protect the wound. This in turn made the toe exposed and more likely to get stubbed and bleed again. To keep her happy and feeling seen to, I threw her on my back (a first for me) and got the clothes off the line, folded them, put them away and changed Henry. By that point it was time to let her down. I have no idea how people do it. Mind you, it was probably the most comfortable I could've been with a 3 year old on my back.

The day before that we were in Henry's room going through some of Mya's old clothes that I had set aside when I was pregnant. Guess what we found! Her old leg warmers!!

She insisted on trying on a pair. I told them were too small but part of me thought they were cute and would probably let her wear them out of the house one of these days. I think Henry's chubby wubbies needed to be just a tad bigger and then they'll fit perfect!