Thursday, August 30, 2012


So we got back from our second vacation to Cape Breton almost a week ago and when I got back I looked at the blog and thought, "oh yeah, like I have time to update that right now" and thus it got pushed to the back burner. But then things started to calm down and I thought, "ok, I'll do a 10 on Tuesday" but then Tuesday ended and I hadn't had a chance to update the blog so then I thought, "alright, wordless Wednesday it is!" and suddenly I woke up and realized it was Thursday and that I also lost my wordless Wednesday chance. Where is time going!? How is it already almost time for school to start and even more frightening: it is almost fall and that means almost winter!! Doesn't it feel like winter just ended? I don't know if time is slipping away quicker than it used to simply because I'm getting older (29 next month people...!), or if it's because I have children now and I can see how quickly time goes or if it's because this time around I'm on maternity leave and therefore I know there is an ending to this time at home.

Anyways, long story short, time moves much too quickly and that sometimes means the blog doesn't get any attention.

This is a rare family photo that was taken at the father in law's place in good ol' Cape Breton. Please note that Mya is wearing a polo and khaki shorts. Shorts! Don't be fooled. She is still just as into dresses as she was before but that day I had packed a diaper bag and threw in a back up outfit for her in case her beloved dress got dirty. Well, it did so out came the back up outfit that I may have purposely picked because it was not a dress. That may sound evil but everyone there kept saying how cute she was and I think it was because no one has seen her in anything other than a dress or skirt in over a year. At first she protested but she got over it when she realized her choices were wearing that or being naked.

 Ice cream with Jack

Did I mention that while we were in Cape Breton we stayed at a cottage and there was only one bed in our room so it was 3 monkeys in a bed for a week. That looks a little something like this:

Just add me and you've got one squishy sleep. By the end of the week though we had kind of mastered it but we were glad to get back to our own beds at home.

Beach bum

Mya's muscles proved to be no match for Mr. Jack!

Look who's big enough for the buggy without the car seat now!

Kite flying master

Attempted self portrait

 Silly family photo session

Mommy and Henry