Tuesday, September 4, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. Today was Adam's first day back to work. I liked having him home over the summer and having him around the house. I noticed today how much I relied on him where the kids are concerned. Lets just say, the baby carrier got a good work out today!

2. Adam's new schedule gets him out much earlier in the afternoon which is so nice! This afternoon when he got home we were all able to go out for a nice walk and still get home with time to kill until I had to make supper.

3. Henry will be 6 months old on Thursday! How crazy is that?

4. We've started feeding Mr. Henry solids and so far he's tasted sweet potato, banana, pear, oatmeal, rice cereal and apple/pear puree. So far he's only been keen on the sweet potato but he's doing better everyday and I think it's more just an adjustment to eating real food as opposed to drinking milk that has him making faces.

5. Mya's preschool has an open house next week that we'll be going to and I'm hoping she meets some nice little kids and I meet some nice parents.

6. I've been feeling fall in the air lately and it's kind of nice. It makes me start thinking of fall things like pumpkin pies, picking apples, halloween, and the leaves changing color.

7. We're going to need to buy 4 new winter tires this year...blech.

8. I've had to cut dairy out of my diet. That sucks. That sucks because I like ice cream and cheese. I cut it out because Henry's little tummy doesn't react well with dairy. It upsets his stomach and for the moment, I'm willing to sacrifice my ice cream and cheese. There will come a time when I can eat it again.

9. I have this attraction to TLC's reality shows but I think I'm going to need to take a break. After seeing tonight's "High School Moms" I was just too enraged at how stupid some things are.

10. I ordered a book from The Book Depository and I really like the free shipping and cheaper prices but I don't feel like waiting 2 weeks for it to get here!