Tuesday, April 30, 2013

10 on Tuesday

1. I think Mya has a bladder infection and I really, really don't feel like taking her to outpatients this morning and missing Henry's nap time.

2. The weather has been so. nice. lately. Laundry has been hung on the line almost everyday! It's about time the snow took a vacation. I was tired of the white stuff.

3. I feel bad when I drop Mya off at preschool and she asks me to stay there with her and I can't. She asks because she's noticed other mothers hanging around either to help out when one of the teachers are out or just because their child wanted their mom to stick around. One of these days when I know someone will be here, I'd like to leave Henry home so I can spend a day at preschool with her.

4. I LOVE the look of my diapers sunning on the line but I hate how they're kind of hard/stiff when I bring them in. I tried extra hard today to not add too much soap and give them a good rinse. I hope that it worked!

5. The kids have been enjoying their swing set but we have yet to get a baby swing (I know...). We need to get on that.

6. We took Henry on his first bike ride the other day and he seemed to like it! It was Mya's first time on a bike this year but thankfully she picked it up quicker than last spring. Still, it was a lot of stop and go rather than ride.

7. Henry got his first nose bleed the other day. He fell on the driveway and scratched up his nose and lips. Poor guy!

8. We're going to get to see Elisa and Marianne's new house on Sunday!

9. We still need to take the winter tires off the car. And it better be a nice long time before they need to be switched again.

10. Mya's been saying she wants bangs but I'm hesitant to take her because of how her last hair cut went.