Sunday, April 28, 2013

Chocolate Avocado Mousse

So the other day I came across a recipe for chocolate avocado mousse and immediately thought "that sounds amazing!" One of the biggest perks was that it was dairy free! Yay!

So I whipped it up last night before supper and stuck it in the fridge for dessert. Again, I had to use our tiny mini chopper and do it in three batches (we should probably invest in a proper food processor). It turned out really good and luckily we had strawberries and bananas on hand so we cut them up for dipping since it seemed odd to eat it straight up. It tasted just like when you have a chocolate fondue and I ended up eating what was left of mine after dipping and I got a tummy ache. I think it's too rich to eat either just on its own or in larger quantities. Even though I got a stomach ache, I felt good knowing that all I was eating was avocado, cocoa, honey and some coconut milk. All good stuff! The kids and the hubs liked it too so I wonder how long the leftovers in the fridge will last....