Tuesday, May 7, 2013

10 on Tuesday

1. I went back to preschool this morning! Mya was happy to have some of my attention without sharing it with her brother and I got a cute potted pansy out of it!

2. Spring clean up is upon us and piles of garbage grace the ends of everyone's driveways. This made Mya happy as she started to notice there was always something she wanted from one pile or another. I did end up letting her have a corn broom and two halloween pumpkin candy basket things. She was happy with that. Oh, and we got these cute little wooden cars from our neighbour.

3. We're hoping to get the garden tilled this weekend...home grown fruits and veggies here I come!

4. Today was a lovely 22 degrees! Two loads of laundry on the line, baked beans in the slow cooker. Today is a happy day.

5. Adam likely has a herniated disc in his back. This is crappy on many levels.

6. I'm going to make a trip to frenchy's soon because I'm sure my children have gotten together to decide to outgrow everything all at once.

7. We got to see Elisa and Marianne's new house on Sunday. They have an awesome house and this summer is going to be so nice on the lake!

8. I'm looking into planting an avocado tree even though it could take seven years before it bears fruit. Avocados are yummy and I'm pretty sure I'll still love them in 7 years.

9. I'm enjoying a nice peach wine Elisa gave us to bring home. It tastes like sunshine in a glass!

10. Mya grinds her teeth when she sleeps and it bothers me deeply. It's one of those sounds that you can't get out of your head once you hear it and I worry a) for her teeth and b) what is stressing her out so much that she grinds her teeth at night?