Wednesday, May 15, 2013

10 on Tuesday

1. Henry has a thing for "Inner Ninja" by Classified. If I open it up on youtube it allows me time to cut all ten finger nails!

2. Adam was off work all last week because he sprained a joint in his lower back. He's been going to physiotherapy and I think he's back on his feet now. He went back to work yesterday and now my days are long and boring with no one to talk to except the kids.

3. I'm sick, Henry's sick. Being sick sucks. Sore throats. Fevers. You name it. Hopefully it'll be gone soon cause when that boy is sick he sleeps even crappier than usual.

4. Me and Adam decided to ditch our tv and landline and get two cellphones instead. We're saving $100 a month doing it this way which is a no brainer especially since we hardly ever watched tv anyway and we have a WD box.

5. The lawn needs its first mowing of the year and it has yet to happen. I'm pretty sure the crazy lawn guy across the street is starting to lose sleep over it.

6. We finally got a baby swing for the swing set and he loves it!

7. This post was started on Monday and is only getting done today.


9.  We bought the kids little Adirondack chairs and they are so cute! (The chairs, not the kids. Well, ok. The kids are too I guess.)

10. And one last cute picture to complete the late post.