Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rainy weekend

This weekend Mya got to meet Dr. Z and they both fell in love. She said she's a good, healthy baby but that she needed one needle to get her vaccines up to par with the canadian ones and Mya did so good that she didn't even cry when the doctor pricked her little leg. Being the star she is, she got the star treatment and got weighed and measured as well (that is always my favorite part!). Any guesses as to how much she weighs now? She's a whopping 20lbs on the nose and 27 inches! Getting a precise measurement proved to be difficult because Mya didn't understand why we wanted her to lay still on the paper rather than have her crinkle it up in her tiny, little hands.

We also got to spend some time with Suzanne this weekend which is always a plus because it helps keep my Suzanne meter up and Mya never says no to a little Suzanne love.

We all went to Mic Mac to run some errands and me and Adam have decided that next year we should get our christmas shopping done in august. The amount of people who are at a mall on a saturday at the end of october is astounding! It instills this constant feeling of anxiety and stress that's only alleviated by leaving the mall. Christmas shopping is going to be fun!

Little Mya update: She has 3 (three!) teeth now! Her two bottom ones are through and she's working on one of her top ones! Her smiles are extra cute now with her little teeth poking through.

Oh! One more thing, if you have 20min to spare and want something interesting to watch, you should check out I found it neat.

Bye bye for now!