Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Long time no blog!

I'm sorry to all my blog followers for being such a bad blogger and not blogging since mother's day but I had a good reason! We had company come to visit us from Ontario and we were showing them the beautiful province of Nova Scotia. I think it worked too cause now they want to move here and I mean, who wouldn't? Nova Scotia kicks ass! They decided it would be easiest to rent an RV and drive here because they were bringing the whole fam and when I say RV...I mean, RV! I can't believe you can rent these things and not have to have a special license to drive one!

We showed them around Digby and Annapolis Royal and they got to go whale watching in Lunenburg and see Peggy's Cove before we met up with them again in Halifax for some more adventures. While in Digby, I took them somwhere that is native to NS: Frenchy's! They now heart Frenchy's and want to email Guy to tell him to hook them up with one in Ontario. Once we hit Halifax, Adam took them to the Keith's Brewery for a tour and I was so impressed to hear that Jason actually knew the words to Barrett's Privateers! I had burned a CD of NS music awhile ago and sent it to them telling them that it was required listening before the trip...clearly, Jason was the only one who did his homework because Kelly didn't know the words!

Then we were off to the Clay Cafe where the kids painted a plate to take back for Grampa and Wendy. Kelly thought that place was kick ass too and gave her information to the owner so he could email her info on franchising. We were lucky and were hit with some beaaa-u-tiful weather while we were in Halifax. On the second day, it felt like 33 with the humidex! If that's what it feels like in May then I think I'm going to be screwed for July/August....ugh. The Swanson-Fox's didn't complain though! Ontario gets to sweltering temps in summer and they had been freezing the whole time they were here even though it was super super nice!!

One night we had supper at Nana's house and she had cooked us up some bbq'd ribs! They were sooo yummy! Josh, Sophie and Mya all thought so! We gave Mya a piece and she ate it just like a Flintstone and cleaned it off really well! I was rather impressed cause she out did me...

We took a walk through the Public Gardens while we were in Halifax because well, the gardens are just too pretty not to walk through and the kids really got a kick out of the geese. Mya likes now that she can get out of the stroller and stretch her legs and walk around.

It was a good vacation and I hope they had fun but it was sad when it was time to see them go. I think Mya is really going to miss having the kids around to play with! Hopefully we'll get to see them again soon and we can take a trip out there this summer to spend some time in their neck of the woods!