Monday, May 31, 2010

Pampers vs. Huggies

Ok, so I know most of you have already heard my rant on this issue but I'm going to blog about it anyway because who knows? There may be other moms out there who feel the same way I do. A week ago today we had just gotten home from Halifax where we were hanging out with our friends from Ontario and I notice we only have one diaper left. I send Adam to the store to pick up some more expecting him to come back with a box of Pampers because we're a Pampers family (not because I have anything against Huggies but simply because we had started out buying Pampers when Mya was born and just kept on buying them.) I was surprised to see he had come back with a box of Huggies and asked him howcome he bought those instead of our usual brand. He said that Walmart was having a sale on Pampers and they were therefore sold out but since we still only had one diaper left he had to get the next brand available. Made sense.

My relationship with Huggies started out on a good note. They seemed to fit well and I had fallen in love with the little elastic piece on the back which kept them from sagging. I thought it was such an ingenious invention that I contemplated emailing Pampers to tell them that they should start putting them on all of their diapers because Pampers tend to sag once Mya starts filling them up. That was where the relationship died. That night we went about our normal bedtime routine: bath, jammies, stories, milk, and rock-a-baby before bed. I thought everything was bliss until 5am when Mya woke up crying, which was kind of unusual since she doesn't do that/hasn't done that in a really long time. I go in to see what the matter could be and discover that her and everything in the crib is soaked. In pee. Yay. After I change her pajamas and the sheet and the diaper and her blanket I go back to bed thinking "that was weird...that's never happened before."
Fast forward to the next night: same thing. The next night: same thing. The next night: same thing. It started to dawn on me that maybe it was those diapers she was wearing (I know what you're thinking, 'doesn't that seem like the obvious answer?' but at 5am when you're tired, your brain doesn't function properly). She had also started leaking throughout the day as well and by the fourth night that was the last straw! Out we went to buy some good ol' Pampers, but when we got to the store we found they were no longer on sale. That was ok by me! I grabbed a box as quick as I could and threw it in the back of my cart. I had never been so happy to be in possession of diapers! Now that Mya's wearing her old favorites, she's dry all night long and sleeping until 7-8am and that means I am too. Happy baby= happy mama. Even though Pampers tends to have a pretty good sag about them, I would much rather deal with a saggy diaper than a crying, wet baby at 5am every single night!

Now I'm considering emailing Huggies to let them know of my dissatisfaction with their product and CC'ing Pampers on it. It seems like you're either a hardcore fan of one team or the other. I was complaining about this to my friend Heidi one day and she said she was a die hard Huggies lover. She said anything that comes in the house that's Pampers brand gets sent right back to the store to be switched. I just don't understand this! How can they work so crappily for me yet so awesome for someone else? Am I not putting them on right? I thought they were all a pretty straight forward design...

Anyways, we've stocked the change table now with the good stuff and we're happy people again.

Now I've gotta go start my email to Huggies!

Which brand do you moms out there prefer?