Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

For mother's day I was given a weekend away in Halifax to spend time with my one and only: Suzanne! I got to shop, eat, get a mani/pedi and shower whenever I wanted to without worrying about nap schedules, crying babies, bedtime routines, etc. It was BLISS! I thoroughly enjoyed my girl time and felt very happy that it was suggested. Although, it made me want to do it more often than once a year on mother's day. I went up on Friday after Adam got home from school and we rented a movie and chatted until late drinking wine...it was oh so wonderful but I think I could've done without that last glass of wine. On Saturday morning we got mani/pedi's and shopped and grabbed some lunch before I hopped over to catch a coffee with a newly engaged friend and to catch up! After that we did some more shopping and then went home to watch the movie we never got to watch the night before cause we talked too much. I know...me? Talk too much? Never! Then we crashed and when I woke up it was time to come back home so I could spend the real mother's day with my little fam.

As much fun as it was to get away and have fun on my own, I really missed miss mya and Adam. I had never been away from the bebe for a whole night before and that weekend I was away for two! She seemed happy to see me when I got home, and it made me happy to see that maybe she missed me a little bit too. Adam asked if I wanted my mother's day present when I got home and said it was in her room. I asked why it was in her room and he said that it was kind of a present for both me and her. So, I opened the door and saw that he had made her a growth chart! I had been wanting a nice one for a long time, a wooden one that we could remove from the wall and take with us when we move and he made one! I was so impressed! Mostly because my husband isn't the handiest of husbands and I wouldn't have expected him to make one, but he did. And I was touched by the thoughtfulness. I think it turned out awesome too!

He even marked Mya's height when she was a year old! Aww...best husband ever. Especially because he was willing to walk around town with the stroller rigged up looking like this after he left the hardware store:

Poor guy had no choice because I had the car, but he couldn't have felt he looked too stupid because once he left the hardware store he walked to the grocery store to buy some much needed chips and pop! I bet a few heads turned while he walked through the store....! Ah well, it was all well intended and I love him for it. I hope all the other mother's out there had a wonderful day too!


Suz said...

I LOVE the fact that Adam strolled around town with a 2x4 on the back of the stroller...it's priceless! I also very much enjoy Mya "holding" the goodies! How sweet is it that he made a growing chart!