Saturday, June 26, 2010

Car dancing

Today we went to visit Suzanne and while Adam had the tunes going we noticed our little dancer in the backseat and had to take a video. Too cute! I started to forget that I was taping her though and realized I was taping her doing nothing. Sorry!

The other day we baked a banana bread for Adam to take to the potluck grad banquet. Mya didn't really grasp the idea of "mixing" or "baking" but instead completely understood the concept of "eating". I did the mashing, mixing and baking. She helped by watching.

Mya likes to carry her baby doll around the house and she likes to carry her blanket around the house too. I got the idea to wrap the blanket around the both of them and it just happened to make a little papoose for her dolly. Adorable, right?


Suz said...

OMG!! That is the cutest thing ever! I think this is a new "boots video" for me! I've already watched it numerous times. xo