Thursday, June 17, 2010

Crocs and hats

My mom and dad flew down from Alberta a couple days ago and brought with them a whole goody bag full of stuff for Mya (Grammie and Auntie Jessica like to spoil her!). Out of all the things that were in the bag, this fluffy pink hat seems to be Mya's favorite. It's the first thing she'll go for when she wakes up in the morning and she flops it on her head and is on her way. It's so funny and so cute to see her sitting there playing like everything is normal, except that she's wearing this pink, fluffy hat in the house.

Exhibit A
It's especially cute when she gets naked and is still wearing the hat.

Exhibit B

Auntie Jessica sent her a pair of super cute baby crocs and although I don't enjoy them for adults, I think they're rather adorable on little feet.

I apologize, this was the best shot I could get of the crocs. Mya doesn't like to sit still for a picture unless she's engrossed in something. The dolly in the pictures is also courtesy of Auntie Jessica and has become a regular face in our house.

This weekend Adam will be taking off to spend father's day with his dad in Cape Breton and me and the folks are going to be heading to the city to hopefully buy a new (new to us) car! We are due for one! Red Thunder is getting to be an old lady and it seems like there's always something wrong with it so we're graduating to something better that will hopefully be with us for awhile. I will post pics once we get her home! Can't wait!


Suz said...

OMG!!!!! Ok, I think that hat is the cutest thing ever on her....and I'm not even kidding...hahaha. I can't wait to visit so that I can see it first hand. I also love the fact that she is playing house with the baby and putting her in her stroller!! She's growing up sooo fast! Good luck car shopping! XO

Mom said...

Hey, nice hat!