Monday, June 21, 2010


the newest member of our family!

This is our new (new to us) 2006 Toyota Corolla! Yay! We found her in Dartmouth and decided to bring her home where she is now one of us. She has everything we need and she's in great shape so it was a no brainer as to whether or not this was the one we were going to get. We're still undecided on a name so, I'm putting it out there. If anyone has any suggestions for Red Thunder's replacement, let me know! Or, if you know anyone who would like a 2001 Saturn for a reasonable price, let me know that too!

Also, mom and dad were visiting with us this past weekend and they got to spend some time with little Miss Mya. Sadly, we never think to take pictures of any of the grown ups on these trips/visits so I don't have any pictures of Mya and my mom or Mya and my dad...just pictures of Mya. Such as this one:

Maybe we'll give her her own cooking show!

The other day Adam was acting like a kid (as usual) and was jumping around the living room. Mya thought this was just hilarious and thought that if she bent her knees and then shot up and straightened them that she would fly across the room too. So now, she's always going around and bending her knees and straightening them thinking that she's jumping. A couple days ago she was demonstrating for Grammie and Grampie in the kitchen and I grabbed the camera so I could tape it and share it all with you! I didn't think to grab the camera at the start of her demo though, so by the time I started taping it she had started to lose some steam and her knee bending wasn't as dramatic.