Sunday, June 26, 2011

Grammie Visits

My mom arrived at our place on Thursday and it was nice to see her after a year of not. It was a short visit because she had to go back on Saturday but we tried to do some fun things during that time. We took her to the farm to pick some strawberries and I think Mya probably ate more than we picked.

It didn't matter to her that she was eating the stems or white ones or ones that a bug had hollowed out. Ew.

We picked four quarts before calling it a day.

Before we left the farm though, Mya got the chance to check out the animals and even help feed a baby cow! The other little girl who was feeding the cow was also named Mya which made it funny when the moms were standing there with cameras saying, "Mya, look at mommy!"

Mom had a good day at the farm and Mya had a good day at the farm. What more could you ask for? My mom is back in Alberta now but it won't be long before she's back in Nova Scotia for good and hopefully we'll be able to see her more often.