Tuesday, June 14, 2011

10 on Tuesday

1. Only 4 more sleeps till I get to see my mama!

2. We went for our first family bike ride on the weekend. I. am. out. of. shape!

3. When we were at Walmart the other day we walked down the aisle that sells bathroom scales so we could weigh Mya. Back in January she weighed 33lbs. I thought it was safe to assume she weighed more than that now and anytime someone asked I would say, "Around 35lbs" because it made sense that she would have gained between then and now. Well, my giant toddler must be losing weight because she was only 31lbs. And we weighed her twice to make sure.

4. This year's spring has my allergies all riled up. I haven't had to take allergy pills in more than 5 years and this year I can't seem to take one that will bring me some relief. Dealing with it during the day is something I can handle. It's the night when I'm trying to sleep that I would like to tap my sinuses like they do with maple trees.

5. Mya is doing really well with her talking. It seems like everyday she's repeating what we're saying resulting in a slew of new words. Just this morning she pointed out the window and said, "daddy, work" and it made me so happy! It's super cute when they start putting words together.

6. My back is doing much better and it seems I've made a full recovery. It's a good thing I work where I do!

7. We've been talking lately about putting Mya in a big girl bed. I'm not totally sold on the idea yet but I'm getting there. I think by the end of summer/this fall she'll have her very own bed! And to make it special I think we'll get some Dora or Sesame Street sheets to go on it.

8. I am loving the new clothes that the nice weather brings! Mya has so many dresses and cutie pie shorts that she wasn't able to wear but now that the weather has turned around, it's cute overload everyday.

9. I can't wait till Adam is done school..! Only a couple more weeks of teaching and then he's home everyday! Yahoo!

10. We've been going to the playground a lot lately. Mya likes the independence she has being able to run around without us on her constantly and we like the little break of being able to parent without a lot of effort. Win win!