Thursday, September 1, 2011

Old Routine, New Routine and Big News

So, now that it's September, Adam has gone back to school and I have to adjust to having the house to myself again. It's just me and Mya. For now anyways...pretty soon we'll be adding to our brood! We have baby #2 due in March and we're really excited about it! I will only have to deal with having 2 at home for a few months though because this time next year, Mya will be starting pre-school! Can you believe it!? It's sad and exciting all at the same time.

So, now that we've moved into our new house and we've decided to have a wood stove installed we've started getting our wood stacked in the basement. It's quite a pile that got delivered to our driveway!

That picture is after a big chunk was already thrown down and stacked. Mya decided she wanted to stack some wood too so she started a pile of her own.

We're having a house warming on September 17th and we're hoping we can get everyone here for some hanging out and fun. I think I'll have to make a list though of all the things I wanted to get done around here but haven't gotten off my butt to do. That is my deadline...all the things that have been needing to be dealt with around here will need to be done by September 17th!

Off to make some lists!