Friday, November 4, 2011

Day Off!

This post is nothing more than me being super happy about having a day off. Yes, that's right! I didn't even have to book vacation or call in sick or anything. There were no appointments booked for this evening so that means no work for me...yay! And just to top it all off it's Friday! Yeehaw! So, today will be spent tidying up and maybe running some errands. I love running errands because it means I have no time schedule and today I really don't except I do have to be back to get Adam from school. No worries, that should be easy enough.

So, this morning my child wanted to wear a dress and since it wasn't cold enough to scrape the car windows I figured it would be ok. She picked out her new purple plaid jumper and I thought, "perfect! Slap on some tights and a white turtle neck and she's good to go." Only, when I put the turtle neck on her she thought it was hideously awful and even a trip to the full length mirror didn't work. She wanted to wear her red shirt. I tried to reason that it wouldn't match and then realized 2 year olds don't care if their clothes match or not. So on went the red shirt. Good, I thought, we're done. But we weren't. She spied a pair of pink, fleecy pants that were sitting on the end of her dresser and thought that would just complete the ensemble. So, on they had to go much to my dismay. I can't decide if I should let her out in public in this get up should we go out later.

Cute or awful? Maybe a little of least she's showing her creative side by choosing "colorful" outfits rather than coloring on my walls. Could be worse!