Thursday, December 29, 2011

10 on Tuesday on Thursday

1. Christmas is over. Tree is down. Decorations are put away.

2. We painted the baby's room last night and although we don't know what we're having, we went with a light blue. I figure, a blue wall can be girled up and no girl ever died of sleeping in a blue room. Beats neutral colors and if it's a boy then win-win.

3. I'm off all this week from work and I'm loving every minute of it. I'm trying to be relaxed about most things realizing that I have all week to do nothing but enjoy having time.

4. We took an impromptu day trip to Halifax yesterday and bought some needed baby things. Now that we got some diapers and a carrier and the room is painted, all that's left to be done is put the room together and wash some baby laundry!

5. Adam is vacuuming the house for me (I think it's only fair since I'm the only one who's done it every second day since we bought the vacuum) and I'm going to have a nice bubble bath when he's done. Ahh vacation!

6. I made a soup from the leftover turkey that we had at Christmas. It turned out delicious! So delicious in fact, that my 2 year old who constantly says "I don't like this, I don't like that" ate it with gusto and proclaimed "I very like soup! It's yummy!"

7. Our laptop is shot and Adam's work laptop has to go back to the school when the second semester starts. So, he's bringing up one of his monitors and an old hard drive to make a desk top in the living room and then we won't have to worry about the computer over heating and shutting down on us anymore.

8. Adam just told me he felt like Tony Danza vacuuming the house.

9. We still have so many sweets and treats left over from Christmas that if this baby is born and I'm not morbidly obese it'll be a miracle. I've got to stop being pregnant over the Christmas holiday.

10. Mya has worn her Sleeping Beauty dress from her dress up trunk no less than 100 times since Christmas. She even let us know that she couldn't wear her monkey underwear yesterday because "princesses don't wear monkey underwear". Duh.