Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Trees!

So we went Christmas tree shopping yesterday and we had some trouble finding the perfect tree (like we had last year) but we eventually found one and even though it seems early to me, it's up and beautiful!

Mya didn't even last until we got to the tree farm

After we got there, she heard us saying "what about that one? what about this one?" and found one she wanted our opinion on

After awhile she got tired though and needed to sit down so it's a good thing there were lots of stumps to sit on!

Helping dad to inspect the tree before we can decide on one!

Cut, cut, cut!

Perfecting the stump

There she is! Back home and waiting to be brought in!

Then it was time for Adam's birthday supper and I brought the cake up from the freezer to soften up a bit to put the candles in it. I left the kitchen for a minute to go get something and came back to find Mya was helping by putting the candles in by herself. So cute!

Helping daddy blow out the candles

After we decorated the house last night and had the tree up, we went down to the playroom and set up Mya's artificial tree and put the beads on it so when she woke up she would be able to decorate all her own. When I put her to bed last night I told her there would be a surprise the next day and when she woke up the first words out of her mouth were "mommy, I wanna see my Christmas surprise!"

This is the tree that we scored for free on the side of the road earlier in the fall during clean up week. Score! It's perfect for her playroom and it doesn't even matter that there are some branches that have 5 or 6 ornaments on them!

And then I tried to get a good picture of our tree all lit up and I have no idea how people do it! If I leave the flash on then it lights up the whole picture and you can't see the lights on the tree and if I turn the flash off then you absolutely cannot move the camera half a millimeter without it coming out maybe I just need a new (non crappy) camera. So, this morning I had an idea. I thought if maybe I closed the curtains behind the tree it would allow enough light in that my flash wouldn't go off and it might still be able to capture some of the lights and voila! This is as good as the picture is going to get:

We decided to opt out of the cranberry/popcorn garland this year and thought we'd try out some ribbon and we found a winner! We both really like the ribbon and thankfully we bought JUST roll was 30ft and we have a small tree so we bought two rolls thinking it would be enough and it just made it. Phew! Cause I'm pretty sure Home Depot wasn't open at 12:30 last night.

May the Christmas season begin!