Tuesday, March 27, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. I woke up with this song stuck in my head this morning. Much better than the theme song to "Special Agent Oso"...ugh, that song makes me want to hurt people.

2. Last night was a bit rough and we couldn't get Henry to sleep before almost 2am. It makes for a hard morning. Combine that with the recent snow we've been getting and you get a day where staying in your jammies and drinking coffee the whole day through seems like the perfect plan. Oh how I wish my 3 year old still napped.

3. I'm thinking about taking Mya to this in May: http://www.childrenswish.ca/en-ns/events/924/Princess-Tea-Party. The only thing holding me back is that it would cost $70 for us to both go and that seems steep to me. She would have a ball but 70 bucks!? I mean, I know it's for a charity but $35 for a child's ticket seems high.

4. Easter is soon and it seems like everyone is on the ball and has everything ready for Easter. Not me! I have bought zero. I have cooked zero. And really? I don't even care. Ahh maternity leave and your laid back attitude.

5. Henry is 3 weeks old today and I hate to be one of those people who's all "wow! my baby is already 6 days old! where does the time go!?" as if their baby is incredibly old but it doesn't seem like it was 3 weeks ago that he was born.

6. I hate that I've followed the normal trend of human parenting and that my second born has approximately 1 photo taken of him for every 300 we took of Mya. I give him extra kisses so he knows we still love him.

7. My sister made Mr. Henry a quilt that I love. I have a thing for homemade blankets/quilts so this was right up my alley.

Adorable, right?

8. Mya got a bike over the weekend. A real bike. With training wheels and everything. I think she could've gotten away with riding a tricycle for a little bit longer but other people disagreed with me. So now she scoots around on a princess bike complete with a baby seat on the front for baby Cinderella. Really.

9. I got two parcels in the mail yesterday from friends who live far away. It made my day. I love getting parcels!

10. I'm thinking about getting pictures done of the family/the kids. When is a good time to get pictures taken of the children together? Christmas? Henry would be 9 months old then and more able to smile/sit up/not throw up all the time. Christmas might be a good time and maybe next year we'll get family pics taken when he's a little more toddlery. Aww, I can't wait!