Tuesday, November 6, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. Today was Family Photo Day. Don't let the caps fool you. It's not a national holiday.

2. Today was also fucking freezing. Please excuse the language but that's just how cold it really was!

3. Henry is 8 months old today!

4. We've been winter tire hunting...can you believe it's already time to put winter tires BACK on our car!?

5. I joined the pinterest bandwagon this morning. I don't know what came over me. I think I was bored which is strange since today was a chaotic mess.

6. On our drive home today we saw a couple decorating the outside of their house for Christmas. Seriously.

7. We're heading to Yarmouth this weekend to see the fam. Adam wants to take Mya to the Remembrance Day ceremony and while I want her to have an appreciation for what the veterans did for us, I think she's still a bit too young to sit through the whole thing.

8. Whenever I wear make up I feel pretty. And then I have to wash it off every night. I'd wear it everyday if there was someone to take my picture everyday! Haha

9. I bought my first pair of skinny jeans for Family Photo Day. Talk about uncomfortable! I only bought them so they would fit inside a pair of tall boots. They will likely not make it out of my closet ever again. Good thing I bought them at Superstore and not The Gap.

10. Now that I think about it, those old people were onto something. Decorate now while the weather is cooperating and it isn't snowing and then just turn the lights on when it's closer to Christmas. Oh yes! Adam!