Wednesday, November 28, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. Henry has started trying to pull himself up on things. He hasn't succeeded yet though. It's mostly resulted in him losing his grip, falling on his bum, then falling from there to his back and then crying.

2. Our family is suffering from preschool cold #2. Well, everyone but Adam. This time I know exactly which kid it was that brought it to school. She greeted me one morning when I was dropping Mya off and came right out and admitted, "I have a cold so my mom sent me to school with some tissues." Three year olds are so honest. And not that I needed her to let me in on her little secret. It was obvious by the giant rings of snot encircling her nostrils. Disgusting. I should wait till my kid has something worse and then arrange some kind of play date. I hate when my family is sick.

3. I cannot (cannot!) believe how many people have their Christmas trees up already!! It's alarming actually. I said to Adam the other day that by the time we're all old and kids think we grew up in the 'olden days' it'll be the norm to have your tree up and decorated anytime in November. It won't just be a few people, it'll be everyone. That bothers me.

4. I think I posted about the alarming number of people putting their trees up in my last 10 on Tuesday...

5. I am officially done shopping for everyone except Adam. I finished the kids stockings last night and I even knocked off a couple birthday presents. I'm even done our Christmas cards. I just have to wait for an appropriate time to send them.

6. We have an Ugly Christmas Sweater party to go to this weekend. Adam is really pumped. I'm sort of pumped. I don't long for my parties like he does. I figure that's just because I'm a mom and he's a dad. I can never truly enjoy myself when the kids are still young enough to need someone to watch them while we're out. I'm not worried about it though, we still have lots of time left for parties.

7. I've let Mya help me wrap some presents this year and I've even gone as far as letting her know what's actually inside and who it's for. She seems to have been able to keep the secrets for now but that might just be because the people we wrapped for don't live here and we don't see them often.

8. Me and the girl baked cookies the other day and while she was licking her beater and watching me use two spoons to put the cookies on a cookie sheet she said she wanted to do that part. I told her that because you have to use 2 spoons that it might be too hard. She said, "yeah and i need ONE hand to keep on the beater!" That's right. Priorities. Can't let go of the beater!

9. We woke up the other morning to the season's first snow. We were all pretty excited. It resulted in us bundling up and going outside as soon as we woke up. It wasn't even light out yet.

10. Henry's new trick is being able to sit up from a laying down position all by himself. Soon it'll be time to lower the crib! Insert sad face.