Wednesday, February 20, 2013

10 on Tuesday

1. Egad February is almost over. Where the hell did it go?

2. Do you realize I'm turning 30 this year?! THIRTY! How the hell did that get here so fast?!

3. Tonight I'm going to the city to spend my gift cards I got for Christmas and Adam will be left home to try and do the entire nighttime routine by himself. God, I hope he survives.

4. When I was rocking the baby to sleep for his morning nap today, he was lying in just the most perfect way and he fit in my arms just right. It was then that I wished I could pause these moments.

5. I've been reading about these "grow gardens, not lawns" people and it seems intriguing. I don't have the time to keep our current gardens weeded and they're just small. How do these people maintain a garden the size of their lawn?

6. I've said before that I'm slack about calling people and keeping in touch and lately it had occurred to me that I hadn't called my mom in awhile. Then as I sat down to eat my lunch today, I was facebooking and saw this

I took it as a sign and called my mom.

7. Clearly, this didn't get posted yesterday.

8. We need to get off our asses and pick a swing set!

9. Mya will have a play date today because Ashton is coming over! She's pretty pumped about it.

10. Adam has a climbing competition this weekend. This means he'll be away Friday all day until after midnight (likely) and then again all day Saturday. This is not fun.