Tuesday, February 12, 2013

10 on Tuesday

1. With valentine's day around the corner, Mya keeps coming home with lovely little crafts like these

2. So, it turns out goat's milk is not our friend like we originally thought. I can still eat it and I can still bake with it but dear God don't let Henry eat any. We found out by accident yesterday when I put some in his oatmeal at breakfast. I did it without thinking because we've had no problems with goat's milk thus far and the entire day was spent trying to soothe a clingy, fussy, whiny baby who kept having explosive diarrhea and me not knowing what the heck was going on. This morning I figured it out. Stupid me. Never doing that again!

3. So, yesterdays goat's milk fiasco led to a late bedtime and then of course led to a late wake up time. I hate having to wake him up when he's sleeping but this morning I had no choice because we had to take Mya to school. 

4. My date to return to work is February 25th and it seems to creeping up on us at a rapid rate. Neither of us want me to go back to work and I get this feeling inside me like I'm going against my gut every time we talk about it. So, if neither of us want me to return to work, then why am I doing it?

5. Check out this lovely girl

6. Adam is putting together his own little man cave. Down in the room that used to be an office, we've put the pull out couch, the old tv and we picked up a cheap (yet still quite cute) second hand tv stand. He's in the middle of trying to put together our old computer down there and then it'll be all set!

7. I need to get to the city soon so I can spend my gift cards I got for Christmas! I don't have any work clothes that still fit so my gift cards will be spent on work clothes...yay.

8. I'm currently reading Steve Jobs' biography. It's actually a book that Adam got for Christmas but I've adopted it as my own and I'm really enjoying it! I have a thing for learning about other people's lives and cultures and I've been told that I would probably really enjoy an anthropology class. They're probably right.

9. Tomorrow me and Mya are going to make heart shaped rice krispie square lollipops to go with her valentines.

10. I just saw a Fisher Price barn from when I was a child posted online and described as "vintage". Now if that doesn't make you feel old...