Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halifax weekend pt. 1

Adam has an inservice to attend this weekend so we'll be heading to Halifax thursday after school because he has to be there for friday morning. I'm going to use this trip to Halifax to finally take my baby to the doctor seeing as she hasn't seen one since we've been back in Canada. I sound like a bad mommy but it's better to take her late than not at all, right? Plus she hasn't been sick since we've been back (if you don't count the lactose intolerance and eczema) so she hasn't really NEEDED to go to the doctor anyway. I'm just taking this opportunity to get her registered, allow Dr. Z and Mya to get acquainted with each other, and to give the doctor a chance to get to know Mya's short medical history (ie. vaccines). I think I'll also bring up the random discovery of eczema on her scalp since that came out of nowhere and I don't entirely know why it's there. My child is proving to be more and more high maintenance everyday! haha...!

Next weekend we'll be making another trip to Halifax to show off Mya's Halloween costume and so we can stay at Nana's before leaving on our big trip! I'll have lots to blog about while I'm away/when I get back. Stay tuned!