Wednesday, February 10, 2010

11 month check up

We got to see Dr. Z again yesterday (we love dr. z) so mya could receive her last of her catch up vaccinations. She's now on schedule with all the other little canadian babies her age. We got her weighed and measured while we were there (that's my favorite part!) and the good doctor was surprised at how big she was: 25lbs, 31 inches! She said most babies around this time will take a dip in their weight because they've become more active (ie. walking) but my little monster just grew bigger. I understand she isn't walking just yet but there's no doubt she's still active! She crawls faster than i can walk and if she's holding onto something she has no problem scooting around the house at lightening speed. She said my baby is in the 95th percentile for height and weight, she said she's almost off the charts! No wonder all of her clothes are 18-24mos size! Don't ask me where she gets all this height from, no one in either of our families is tall. Who knows though, it could all slow down as she gets older and she'll end up just normal like us.

This weekend we're heading to the city for some family time with grampie norm. We haven't seen the folks since christmas so it'll be a nice get together. I'm also hoping to get to the farmers market to take a gander at any woodwork available because adam had the brilliant idea of getting the little one a nice wooden toy box for her birthday. He also had the not so brilliant idea of getting a kit and making it himself. Needless to say, he won't be making one hence our trip to find one that's still homemade and pretty. We haven't been to the farmers market in YEARS so i'm pretty pumped about it. I LOVE the farmers market although i could do without the gigantic crowd of people who also love it. I think we'll have to make use of the backpack that day cause pushing a stroller around just won't do.

Ok, my giant baby is awake after only an hours sleep so I should go retrieve her.


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